At ADIKAN MOTORS we want to ensure that all our customers are protected in the best way possible to prevent financial loss from any damage, theft or a vehicle write-off.
We offer a number of fantastic products at very competitive prices that not only give you peace of mind but can also ensure that your vehicle is always kept in great condition.

Guaranteed Asset Protection (RTI / GAP)

Perhaps the most important of all insurance products is our combined guaranteed asset protection which incorporates ‘Return to Invoice Cover’ (RTI) and ‘Finance Guaranteed Asset Protection’ (GAP). In the event of an accident, fire or theft your motor insurance company may declare your vehicle a write-off. Due to depreciation in value, they will pay out considerably less than what the car was originally worth.

RTI cover is designed to reimburse any difference between the settlement made by your motor insurance company and the price you originally paid for the vehicle.  Finance GAP is designed for people that chose to buy a car by taking out a finance agreement. If your vehicle is a write-off, GAP pays the difference between the settlement made by your finance company and the amount you still owe on finance.

 (Example: You pay 140,000$ for a Ferrari in 2014. Vehicle is written off 2 years later. Insurance Company only pays you 90,000$. With GAP Insurance you will receive an extra payout of 50,000$.)


  • Guaranteed Asset Protection protects your investment for 36 months
  • Covers vehicles up to a purchase price of £240,000.
  • Includes up to 1,000$ of your insurance excess *
  • Maximum payout, up to vehicle’s original purchase price
  • Covers up to 1,500$ manufacturer approved dealer fitted accessories
  • Can be transferred or cancelled (Terms & Conditions apply)


*Up to 750$ excess on vehicles up to 75,000$ purchase price


Tyre & Alloy Insurance

Tyres and alloys are the most vulnerable parts of your car to damage and expensive to repair or replace.
Whether you receive a punctured tyre by accident or perhaps maliciously this kind of damage is an everyday reality and a major inconvenience. Scuffing your wheels on the curb is always a rather agonizing experience which not only makes your car lose its shine and appeal but also it’s value.

With tyre and alloy insurance you are protected for the following:

  • Up to 5 tyre replacements including the spare.
  • Refunds the cost of repairs or replacements for up to 450$ per tyre
  • Up to 10 alloy repairs
  • Up to 150$ per alloy repair
  • If an alloy is not repairable we will pay 150$ towards a replacement wheel
  • Protection for 60 months

(terms and conditions apply)


Adikan Motors Co. is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority for consumer credit activities (Firm Reference Number 9821'098) and an Appointed Representative of AutoProtect (MBI) Limited which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority for Insurance Mediation (Firm Reference Number 312143). You can check this on the CMA Register by visiting the or by contacting the CMA direct on 00966112053000 . Adikan Motors is a Credit Broker not a Lender.